Scriptology is redefining the medication experience, combining comprehensive medication management with clinical expertise, technology, and advanced analytics.

The prescription for cost and quality success

The high cost of prescription drugs nearly doubles with non-adherence and other medication misadventures factored in. Enter Scriptology, a revolutionary tech-driven medication management service supported by an expert clinical pharmacist team, simplifying the medication journey for patients, providers, payors, and employers.

Payors and Risk-
Bearing Organizations

Scriptology goes beyond Medication Therapy Management (MTM), offering surveillance and longitudinal patient engagement programs. Our goal is to decrease the total cost of care, close clinical gaps, and improve reimbursement.


Scriptology integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows, collaborating with providers to improve medication adherence, close clinical quality gaps, and enhance clinical outcomes and reimbursement.


Elevate employee health and cut costs with Scriptology. We identify clinical opportunities to reduce the total cost of care, create customized patient programs, and help inform formulary decisions. Our clinical pharmacists work directly with employees to maximize clinical benefits, and we can optimize your fulfillment strategy to decrease spend.


It can be a burden to manage all your prescriptions. Let Scriptology be your trusted advisor when it comes to your medication. Our clinical pharmacists will help ensure your medication plan works for you, and resolve any issues or challenges that may come up to keep you as healthy as possible.

Scriptology is more care less cost

We unify the expertise of the pharmacist and the provider to amplify clinical impact.

driven insights

We employ advanced analytics to track medication use patterns, identify high-risk patients, and improve clinical outcomes and reimbursement.

patient care

Scriptology meets each patient where they are at, creating tailored clinical experiences based on each patient’s needs and preferences.

fulfillment solutions

We optimize formulary and fulfillment strategies to mitigate pharmacy spend and uncover revenue opportunities.

Empowered patients
are adherent patients

At Scriptology, we’re committed to improving patient outcomes and lowering total cost of care. We achieve this by delivering a trusted medication advisor to patients, improving adherence and simplifying the medication use process. We drive patient education, engagement, and adherence support through multiple clinical touchpoints, decreasing the risk for medication misadventures.


Automated identification of high-risk and high-cost patient populations, potential drug-related problems, and new prescribing patterns.

care coordination

Scriptology utilizes dynamic care plan creation, virtual care delivery through video, telephonic, and text/SMS, and a behavior-driven engagement model for patient-reported outcomes.


Scriptology clinical care teams include clinical pharmacists, technicians, and LCSW to address clinical and social drivers of adherence. They implement evidence-based clinical recommendations and offer expertise in fulfillment, 340B, and medication formulary design.


Our analytics platform aggregates clinical, behavioral, SDoH, cost, and outcomes data, facilitating personalized intervention selection and outcome propensity modeling.

Say goodbye to medication misadventures

Say goodbye to
medication misadventures

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