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Imagine a world in which complex patients feel heard about their diverse medication challenges, empowered to stay on treatment, and capable of leading healthier lives with minimal hospitalizations and side effects.

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Founded by pharmacists, in partnership with Redesign Health, Scriptology is transforming comprehensive medication management. We’re a team of pharmacy, medical, and public health experts who are passionate about the power of comprehensive medication management. We understand the industry and your pain points and have built a scalable and cost-effective solution to medication management.

Erin Hendrick, Pharm.D., M.S.


Erika Horstmann, Pharm.D

Head of Clinical Operations

Priscilla McCloskey, M.S.

Head of Product

Chandler Scoco

Chief of Staff

Nick DiPirro, PharmD, MBA

Director, Clinical Product Strategy

A unique approach to reducing medication misadventures

Scriptology is committed to improving patient outcomes and lowering total cost of care by delivering a trusted medication advisor to patients, improving adherence and simplifying the medication use process.  By combining a holistic clinical approach with robust data capture, Scriptology engages patients throughout their individual medication journey and provides providers, payors, and employers a new solution for medication misadventures.

Scriptology is proud to be a portfolio company of Redesign Health, a company that powers innovation in healthcare.

Redesign Health launches transformative healthcare companies that empower people to live their healthiest life. Since 2018, Redesign Health has launched over 50 companies, impacting over 15 million lives across many aspects of the healthcare industry including cancer care, teleaudiology, COVID-19 testing, metabolic health and more.

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Say goodbye to medication misadventures

Say goodbye to
medication misadventures

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