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Minimal Implementation.
Maximum Impact.

Discover the game-changing potential of Scriptology. Our complementary analysis of claims or EMR data swiftly pinpoints clinical opportunities and identifies high-risk patients prone to non-adherence or medication-related issues.

We seamlessly connect with your EMR, HIEs, and national aggregators to track real-time prescription and healthcare utilization data. Our expert clinical pharmacists engage with patients or their caregivers.

Whether discharged from an acute care stay, ED visit, identified with a suboptimal medication issue, displaying signs of uncontrolled chronic disease, or facing a missed fill or other medication-related quality gap – Scriptology is here to provide proactive solutions

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medication adherence in DM, COPD, & CHF populations

0 %

decrease in total cost of care across all disease states

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pharmacist recommendations accepted by provider

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less than 1/2 the cost of hiring full-time pharmacists

Service Overview

Experience our exceptional service, combining the expertise of our clinical pharmacists alongside advanced technology. We prioritize understanding our patients fully by taking into account their behavioral patterns and social determinants of health. Personalized consultations, adherence measures, and collaborative planning are integral to our approach. Subsequent visits are meticulously tailored to each patient, using our advanced analytics engine. We work closely with the entire care team to ensure a comprehensive and continuous level of patient care over time.

Longitudinal Relationship
& Measurable Outcomes

Our program aims to build a lasting relationship between pharmacists and patients. We concentrate on solving medication issues, ensuring they are suitable, safe, and taken as prescribed, to improve health outcomes and reduce overall care costs. The information collected in each visit is used by our analytics engine to continually demonstrate the program’s value and encourage patient engagement.

Holistic view for
clinical pharmacists

Clinical pharmacists have unique access to a 360-degree view of each patient. Including medication and medical history (including diagnoses, visit summaries, labs, and hospitalizations).  Our team has a thorough understanding of each patient’s health journey before engaging with the patient.

Our expert clinical pharmacists
are the heart of Scriptology

Scriptology’s technology amplifies the pharmacist’s human touch to improve patient outcomes.

initial visit

Patient-centric initial visit

Clinical pharmacists build the foundation of the patient relationship through an extended initial visit. Patients can choose between video, telephone, or in-person consultations in their preferred language. Our team performs a detailed review of the medication list, the patient’s medical and social history and preferences and discussions about personal goals.

Customized care
and follow-up

Customized care and follow-up

Our pharmacists leverage patient responses to measures of non-adherence and disease state goals to customize the patient care plan. The timing of subsequent appointments and the use of adherence tools are tailored to each patient. Patients depart with a personalized plan to support wellness goals.

Integrated follow-up
& collaboration

Integrated follow-up & collaboration

Integrated follow-up & collaboration

Collaboration with the full care team, including physicians, nurses, community pharmacists, and social workers is ongoing. Our pharmacists are alerted to clinical changes, such as hospital admissions, through surveillance and technology. Patients can reach out to the clinical pharmacy team 24/7 via text, email, or phone.

Technology Platform

Our platform provides partners streamlined patient insights and closes gaps in care. Getting started requires minimal IT integration & no change in your providers workflow.

medication management

Our goal is simple:

We help patients understand and follow their medication plans to keep them healthy and out of the hospital.

Our comprehensive and longitudinal approach to patient care helps providers improve quality outcomes and helps health systems and payors improve quality scores.

patient outcomes

Scriptology incorporates pharmacists into the care continuum — starting with high-risk patients. Our team members guide patients through their entire medication journey.

provider burden

Providers count on Scriptology to manage their patients’ medications with individualized care plans, outreach and interventions.

total cost of care

Our powerful analytics engine produces cost-efficient insights and drives iterative care plans, keeping your patients healthier and out of the ED.

Say goodbye to medication misadventures

Say goodbye to
medication misadventures

Talk to our experts to learn how Scriptology can seamlessly integrate with your clinical strategy.