Rewriting the script on comprehensive medication management

The high cost of prescription drugs nearly doubles with non-adherence and other medication misadventures factored in. Enter Scriptology, a revolutionary tech-driven medication management service supported by an expert clinical pharmacist team, simplifying the medication journey for patients, providers, payors, and employers.

Medication management is one of the most persistent problems impacting the U.S. healthcare system. About 38 million American adults need five or more prescription drugs to manage their health, and they’re often left to keep track of these medications on their own.

The results are costly across the board:

From a clinical perspective, siloed workflows further compound the issue, with providers and pharmacists lacking a line of sight into one another’s work. Patients are frequently left searching for answers, yet retail pharmacists barely have time for lunch. Simultaneously, providers see patients just a few times each year and often lack the time they need to  address medication adherence effectively. 

Patients and their care teams need a better way to manage these medication plans. When it comes to balancing life-saving medications, patients with complex, chronic illness shouldn’t have to go it alone.

The promise — and shortcomings — of comprehensive medication management

Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) models have arrived on the scene in recent years. These models are designed to connect providers, payers and patients with advanced technology to help patients navigate their medication journeys. CMM programs aim to reduce the burden on providers, improve productivity, enhance patient outcomes and help decrease the total cost of care.

However, existing CMM programs rapidly encounter their own barrier: difficulties showing long-term cost savings and improved clinical outcomes. What’s needed is a more strategic, holistic and data-informed approach to CMM that addresses the root causes of non-adherence.

Enter Scriptology

Scriptology, built in partnership withRedesign Health, offers a transformative approach to CMM. The platform combines an extended clinical pharmacist team with an innovative technology platform to give patients the guidance and support they need to follow their medication plans.

Scriptology’s clinical pharmacist team enhances, rather than replaces, the current model, easily integrating into provider care teams. Patients get a single point of contact to discuss their medications and a personalized approach to medication management. Providers and payers get critical insights they can use to drive sustained quality outcomes and reduce costs.

The Scriptology approach to CMM includes:

Personalized medication and clinical action plan: Scriptology incorporates pharmacists into the care continuum, starting with high-risk patients. The process starts with an in-depth call to explore each patient’s condition, communication preferences and potential barriers to adherence. The clinical pharmacist team then builds a tailored plan that considers everything from side-effects to self-reported measures and outcomes.

Communication and coaching: Through regular check-ins based on each patient’s needs, Scriptology’s clinical pharmacists guide patients through their entire journey and make sure their plan works for them. They provide timely and relevant information on medications, conditions, community and personal goals at a patient’s requested frequency.  Accordingly, providers can count on Scriptology to manage their patients’ medications with individualized care plans, outreach and interventions.

Seamless care team integration: Scriptology’s clinical pharmacist teams have full access into the patient’s medical history, closing the loop between pharmacists, primary care and specialist providers. This gives care teams increased visibility into patients’ medication challenges and a more holistic picture of a patient’s medication portfolio and overall health.

Comprehensive, structured data insights and technology: Scriptology gathers data about patients’ medication and efficacy, then seamlessly reports individual patient information back to their providers. The platform’s structured data capture aggregates clinical, behavioral, SDoH, cost and outcomes data, facilitating personalized intervention selection, outcome propensity modeling and ongoing proof of the program’s impact.. By using powerful analytics to produce cost-efficient insights, stratify population risk and drive iterative care plans, Scriptology helps reduce costs while keeping patients healthier, at home, and out of the hospital or Emergency Department.

Transformative CMM model delivers proven outcomes

Unlike many other CMM models, Scriptology’s tech-enabled approach is already elevating the quality of care and lowering costs.

  • 19% decrease in total cost of care across all disease states
  • >90% medication adherence in diabetes, COPD and congestive heart failure populations
  • >90% pharmacist recommendations accepted by providers
  • Less than 50% the cost of hiring full-time pharmacists 

Meet the Scriptology team

Founded in partnership with Redesign Health in 2023, Scriptology is led by a team of pharmacy, medical and public health experts:

  • Erin Hendrick, PharmD, MS, CEO and Co-Founder, has a proven track record of driving growth in the private, public and nonprofit healthcare sectors. She most recently held an Executive Vice President role with Shields Health Solutions. Previously, Hendrick also served as COO at Emory University Hospital Midtown.
  • Erika Horstmann, PharmD, Head of Clinical Operations, brings vast experience leading large high-performing teams and transforming clinical service delivery operations. She spent nine years leading various aspects of operations management for Cardinal Health and has prior experience as a clinical manager with the Wisconsin Pharmacy Quality Collaborative. 
  • Priscilla McCloskey, Head of Product, has spearheaded health technology product development and operations for more than two decades. She most recently served as Head of Product with HumanFirst and has held product management roles with Actium Health and HCA Healthcare.
  • Chandler Scoco, Chief of Staff, comes to Scriptology from Shields Health Solutions, where she served as the Manager of Strategy and Business Development. Prior to joining Shields, she worked in Digital and Risk Assurance at PriceWaterHouseCoopers.

Embrace a unique approach to reducing medication misadventures

One of the best ways to improve quality and reduce costs in healthcare is to help patients overcome medication management complexities. Scriptology is committed to improving patient outcomes and lowering total cost of care by delivering a trusted medication advisor to patients, improving adherence and simplifying the medication use process.  By combining a holistic clinical approach with robust data capture, Scriptology engages patients throughout their individual medication journey and provides providers, payors, and employers a new solution for medication misadventures.  


Say goodbye to medication misadventures

Say goodbye to
medication misadventures

Talk to our experts to learn how Scriptology can seamlessly integrate with your clinical strategy.